Wooden fruit
I've recently started learning wood turning and I turned this fruit over the last few weeks. I'm not really experienced enough to write it up as a step by step (wouldn't want to tell you to do the wrong thing!). If you'd like to make your own I recommend searching youtube for "turning fruit". The general process is to
  • secure a 6-inch-long square of wood using a bowl chuck, shape the fruit on the tailstock end
  • lock the spindle and drill the hole for the stalk
  • sand and finish
  • part off the base.
  • Then turn a stalk the same way from a thin piece of walnut or other contrasting wood.

    The apple and pear turned very smoothly but I had some chatter problems on the lemon. I would have sanded it all out but somehow it felt right for a lemon to be dimply!

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