Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig

I really wanted to create box joints on my table saw but I don't have the cash right now for a a Dado stack. (They are hard to come by in Australia) so I decided to make an accurate Single Blade Jig for my Table Saw.

The results are great, perfect fitting box joints straight off of the tablesaw. I think this may be a really helpful jig for a lot of woodworkers like myself who have no dado set, but still want to create strong joints on the tablesaw very quickly.

As a bonus, it costs nothing to make but an hour of your time, my own one was all from scraps.

I've a couple of videos showing how to make it on my YouTube channel; and you can download the PDF instructions from my website,

If you've any questions or comments fire away, there is more info about it on my site too.

If you like it I'd love to have you subscribe to my channel on youtube as well, more videos coming soon!

Enjoy, Mario!

Step 1: Single Blade Jig

Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig
Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig

How does it work? By having your work pieces clamp to a sliding fence which follows a cutting template. You make your cut, slide the fence over and make another cut. A Ďkeyí limits the range of movement based on the cutting template you have setup.

Mine was made from scrap MDF, a short 2-4 offcut, and a small length of 19mm (3/4in) pine for the building blocks. It took just over an hour to make and cost me nothing, I had enough scraps on hand. Itís saved me a huge amount of time and money already; Iíve put together a dozen drawers with it and a few boxes, faster than ever before, and I didnít have to use a single screw or purchase a dado stack to do so!

Step 2: Advanced Techniques! Variable Width Fingers!

Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig
Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig

All from the same jig with no difference in setup time!

You can mix and match your finger widths to create different effects, these would look wonderful in nice contrasting hardwoods. Not so pretty in 6mm MDF or cheap Plywood but it was literally all I had on hand I'm sorry!


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