Solar charger
Solar charger
In this step-by-step guide i'm about to teach you how to design and build a simple solar charger.

What you'll need:

1) Solar panel.
2) Adjustable Boost Converter Charger Module.
3) Electrical Wires.
4) USB female cable.
5) A box.
6) Recommended - portable USB charger, a cord, led.
7) Soldering Tin.
8) Duct tape.


1) Plier.
2) Soldering iron.
3) Hot glue gun.
4) A knife.
5) Tweezers.
6) Voltmeter.

Step 1: Attaching wires to the panel

Solar charger
Solder electrical wires to the solar panel (Red to +, black to -).
Cover it with the duct tape.

Step 2: Adjusting

Solar charger
Solar charger
Connect a power source to the charger module and a voltmeter to the output of it. Now adjust the module to 5v output.
connect the panel to the module (to the input).

Step 3: Connecting USB

Solar charger
Cut the USB cable and then solder the + cable to the + output in the module and the - cable to the - output.

Step 4:

Solar charger
Mark on the top of the box the size of the solar panel.
Cut near the borders that you've marked so the hole is a bit smaller than the panel.

Step 5:

Solar charger
Solar charger
Use hot glue to glue the panel to the hole.
Now glue the other parts to the bottom of the box so they wont move, in the side make a hole as big as the USB cable.

* I recommend gluing the USB output well so sand and dirt wont come in.

**If you had cotton wool in the box i recommend putting it between the panel and the bottom it will also help preventing the parts moving.

Step 6: Finished!!

Solar charger
Solar charger
Solar charger
Now you can test your charger.

Step 7: Recommended additions

* If you like to you can add a led to the module output so you'll know when its working.

** If your box is big enough you can add a portable charger instead of the USB output so power wont be wasted, that way you'll be able to use it even when the solar panel is not exposed to light.

*** I added a small loop to the side of the box so i will be able to hang the charger when driving the car, going on camping etc.

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