Simple Workshop trolley

It's nice to have a cart/trolley to move things around the shop. I had some plywood lying around, so I bought some casters from Harbor Freight and made this cart. It's a simple project, and didn't take much time to complete.


- Plywood boards

- Casters

- 2x4s

- Glue

- Screws


- Drill

Step 1: Cut!

Simple Workshop trolley
Simple Workshop trolley

cut the two plywood boards so that they're the same size.

Cut the supporting 2x4s to the length of the two plywood boards.

Measure the distance between the support beams and cut a board of that length.

Step 2: Connect

Simple Workshop trolley
Simple Workshop trolley
Simple Workshop trolley

I glued and screwed in the support beams to the plywood top. Then I glued in the center support plywood.

Once the glue dries, screw in the casters.


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