Simple step stool for a child
This is a very simple step stool that can be used for a child (or an adult as well as it is very strong).
I made this step stool from one piece of 1" x 5" reclaimed lumber, and 12 wood screws.
You could use a piece of 1" x 6", or 2" x 6" to make it a little taller.
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Materials used
- One piece of 1" x 5" reclaimed cedar about 152 cm used (approx. 5')
- 12, 3 cm (1 1/4") wood screws

Tools used
- Table saw (a handheld circular saw, or a hand saw is also fine)
- Electric orbital sander (or sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood)
- Power drill
- Phillips screwdriver ("+" tip)
- Countersink drill bit

The attached Sketchup file shows the 3D assembled stool, and can be used to modify dimensions etc.
Simple step stool for a child
Small-childs-step.skp205 KB

Step 1: Cutting the wood

Simple step stool for a child
I cut the 1" x 5" into the following lengths:
- 2 x 40.5 cm (top pieces)
- 2 x 22.5 cm (legs)
- 1 x 26 cm (support - also cut it to 8 cm width)

After cutting I sanded the edges to remove any rough burrs.
I sanded the surfaces of the wood with about 180 grit as I did not want it too smooth (people will be using it with socked or bare feet).

Step 2: Assembling the stool

Simple step stool for a child
Simple step stool for a child
Top: I drilled holes 2 cm from the edges, and 6 cm from the ends.
Legs: I drilled holes 2 cm and 6 cm from the edge, on the centre line.
I used a countersink bit next as I wanted the screws to be slightly countersunk (looks better and screws will catch on feet or socks).

I screwed the legs and bottom support together first, then attached the two pieces on top. That's it, you're done.

For use in a bathroom, you could added some decorative bathtub non-slip stickers on the top.
And you could stick on some little rubber strips under the leg pieces if you are worried about slipping on the floor.
(This stool easily supports over 94 kg/205 lbs.)

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