Simple Magnetic Tool Rack

Here's a quick and easy way to sort all your small tools into more convenient racks. It's likely you already have everything you need to make this - so it's very cheap.

The majority of tools are ferrous (i.e. magnetic) and so can be easily suspended with very small neodymium magnets.

All you will need:

>Any ferrous* tool

>Small neodymium magnets** (5mm diameter, ~3mm thickness)

>Wood strip, as long as you like

>Small wood screws

*If you want to use non-ferrous tools, you will have to install a magnet within the tool itself as well (check polarity).

**If you want to make this for bigger tools, use larger diameter magnets. HDD magnets will also work, though may crack with hard impacts.

Step 1: Drill the holes

Simple Magnetic Tool Rack

Mark out the holes for the magnets. I recommend placing your tools on the wood to check the spacing. Since I was making this for a set of identical tools, I just gauged the space and repeated this 4 more times. Do make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold that tool first.

Next, use a 5mm forstner bit to drill into the wood. If you do not have one, you can just use a standard 5mm drill bit but this will not work as well. Keep stopping to check the depth; the magnet must not protrude when fitted. If you go to deep, don't worry - this can be corrected later.

Step 2: Glue the magnets

Now you can glue the magnets using hot glue or epoxy (for more strength). I recommend hot glue because you can easily correct any depth issues: simply put a bit more underneath. When dry, check they are secure by attaching the tools and taking them off.

Step 3: Mount it

Finally, use some suitable wood screws to mount your rack wherever you want, just make sure you don't split the wood.

You've now made a cheap and easy tool rack.


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