Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

Tired of the same old cookie shapes?
Want to make cookies your own designed shapes?

Here's how I make my custom cookie cutters...
using Aluminium Foil Plates.

It's fairly easy and takes little time to make.(and some patience)

Step 1: Measure The Sizes of Your Designs

Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

First, draw your desired shapes on the paper, and make sure:

  • It's drawn in real-life size. (same as cookie size)
  • Not to big, not too small.
  • Less angles are easier to make & manage.
  • Avoid making thin shapes , they're easily break when made it into cookies.

    Then, measure the length of the outlines using threads.

  • Write down the length form each shape.
  • All lengths should be added 4 cm (or 1.5 inch) more, for connections on both ends.

    Step 2: Cutting the Aluminium Foil Plate

    Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

    Get a big size Aluminium Foil Plates. I recommend get as large as possible, you need that much if you make larger cookie cutter.

    For a reference: 1 Plate for 1 large cookie cutter, or 2 small ones.

    Now to cut the plates:

  • Pencil out the cutting lines, it should be a long rectangle shape.
  • Use big scissors and cut out carefully, don't cut yourself!
  • Length: Follow the written length for the shapes. (remember adding the additional lengths)
  • Width: 4 inch for the smaller shapes, 5 inch for the larger ones.

    Step 3: Fold The Foil Pieces

    Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

    After fold them horizontally (from the long side) for increasing the strength of the foil pieces.

  • I recommend NOT to fold them in half, then in half. Plan out the equal "fold lines" distribution & fold it, (if you want 3 layers, you need 2 "fold lines".) It works better that way when bending the piece into shape.
  • Fold into 3 layers for a good thickness & sturdiness. (2 layers would still easily bends)
  • If you want 4 layers, make the width about 6.5-7.5 inches (16-19 cm) earlier.

    Step 4: Bending to the Shape

    Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

    This is pretty self-explanatory. This is the hardest part.

  • To begin, draw out a starting point on the design for the fold piece to begin. It's better starting at the bend corner, or a large straight surface.
  • When you bend, you only need to concentrate on the bottom edges. (where it cuts the dough)
  • Keep the top part of edges in shape as well. (it's okay can be loosely)

    Be patient, do it nice and steady, and careful with the sharp edges.

    Step 5: Bending Tip: Using Tools

    Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

  • Small steel ruler can be much help to bend a straight line and sharp angle.
  • The ruler can also can use to make & straighten "corner lines" between the top & bottom edges.
  • For tight curves, I use a Korean steel chopstick to bend the corners.
  • Use the tip or base end of the chopstick to make a good 'U' shape, depending sizes.

    Step 6: Gluing the Ends

    Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

    After you done all the bending part, you should have some extra length at the end.

    Now the gluing part to make it a complete cookie-cutter:

    I use thin double-sided glue tape in my case, It's easy to apply, and works well on these light aluminium materials.

  • Cut out the unwanted length, leaves out half inch or 2 cm (or in your own case) for gluing.
  • Apply the glue on the end of the foil. Glue on the every bottom and sides (where the dough gets cut) to minimize the gap between two aluminium pieces.

    Although not a perfect gluing solution, as the glued area would be covered on dough when using (probably), but they keep the job done. If you want better, use a stronger & firmer glue. (make sure it's a non-toxic ones)

    Step 7: Done!

    Make Cookie Cutters in Custom Shapes

    Yay, your cookie cutter is complete!

    As you know, they are not very sturdy, so use them with care.

    If you want to see the making of my X'mas gingerbread cookies, read here.

    Thank you for reading!


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