Make a "Book" Shelf
I was just sitting around twiddling my thumbs and an idea popped into my head. I wonder if I can make a shelf out of an old book? The answer is yes! It's extremely easy, requires minimum tools and very little time. The end result is a pretty cool little shelf!


-Awl (or something sharp that you can use to poke small holes)
-drill (optional)


-Old hard cover book
-Some hooks
-Two small picture hangers
-A couple of screws (length of screws will depend on thickness of your book)
-Some nice looking string or twine

Let's get started!

Step 1: Make some holes in the corners of your covers and tie your string.

Make a "Book" Shelf
Make a "Book" Shelf
Make one small hole near each corner of your book on both the front and back covers (4 holes all together). I used a drill with a small bit, but you could just as easily use a small knife. Then open up your book so it looks like a little shelf. Then cut your two pieces of string/twine so they will keep the cover from opening too far. Feed your string through the holes you made and tie a single knot in each end to keep it from slipping back through.

Step 2: Put your hooks in.

Make a "Book" Shelf
Putting the hooks in is easy. Just mark where you want them to go and twist them in by hand.

Step 3: Put rear screws/hangers in.

Make a "Book" Shelf
Make a "Book" Shelf
Now for this step, the length of the screws you use depends on how thick your book is. First off, see how far through the book your hooks went...They will hold that portion of the pages together. Basically whatever thickness is left over is how long you want your screws to be. This way, the hanger screws through the back will not only mount the hangers, but also will hold the remainder of your book together and keep it from opening when it is on the wall. If for whatever reason your book comes open at some point, you can always just use a little bit of glue between the sections to hold them together.

Step 4: Put a couple of screws in the wall and hang your new shelf!

Make a "Book" Shelf
Now just decide on a good place for your new shelf and hang it up! Then you can hang some keys up, put your iPod or cell phone on it...whatever you want.

I hope this was a fun little instructable!

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