Laser Cut Table
A flat packable side table for the temporarily furniture-less nomad.

Laser cut furniture!

Step 1: Design

Laser Cut Table
If not obvious, the intent is to make this table appear to look like the cutaway of an unguided bomb.

The table is made from three pieces - the base (2 parts) and a top.

I left some holes in the center area to allow an alarm clock cord to pass through.

Step 2: Laser Cut!

Laser Cut Table
Laser Cut Table
Attached is a DXF File of the parts.

You should cut/chop and scale the file to fit your equipment.

For the curious, the girl hugging the bomb is a Banksy piece as seen here.
Laser Cut Table
dabomb.DXF64 KB

Step 3: Assemble

Laser Cut Table
You put the lime in the coconut and shake them all up.

The base parts slip into each other. The top fits as seen in the intro step. Everything is held by friction.

My feedback is - this table is a little tall to be used as a night stand unless you're sleeping in a hammock. In case of hammock, be sure to place the table far enough away as not to knock it while swinging about.

Step 4: Move House

Laser Cut Table
When it's time to move, disassemble and flat pack.

A few bits of tape will hold the parts together safely.

Currently this table lives in it's flat pack form as my new room does not have a space for this table. Perhaps in my next move it will have a home.

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