How to Make Moss Graffiti
Well I had a plain outdoor wall at my house and I really wanted to put something cool on it, so I looked for some graffiti but not and ordinary graffiti ,Moss Graffiti, I had seen some on the internet and I researched how to make it.
It was pretty simple, so here I am making an Instructable on it for any of you who wants to make a great outdoor project this Spring or Fall.
Make sure to leave a comment or a photo of your graffiti I really like everybody's feedback and read all your comments.

Step 1: Select a Space

How to Make Moss Graffiti
This is the easiest step of all, what you really have to make sure it is a space were you have permission to grow your moss. If the wall or surface were you make it on has paint, make sure me sure your authorized because the moss will remove the paint from the surface.
Not only walls are good surfaces for the graffiti but any porous surface is best, well the moss will have a better surface to adhere to. I have also seen moss on bricks, plain soil and wood and it grows well.

Step 2: Gather your Ingredients, Materials and Tools

How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
This is very basic you will need three ingredients and and a few tools for all the process.

- Moss. (About two big clumps in this recipe).
- Buttermilk. (Two cups for the recipe). This could be replaced with plain yogurt.
- Water. Not pictured. (From one to two cups for the recipe).
- Sugar. I used about half a teaspoon,

Note. To make homemade buttermilk like I did, you need vinegar and whole milk, add one tablespoon of vinegar to a cup and fill the rest with milk, let sit for 5 minutes and it's ready to be used.

Tools and Materials.

- Hard surface to cut on, I used MDF. Used later on the Template step.
- Blender.
- Cutting tools. Used later on the Template step.
- Containers. Used for mixing and keeping mixture during painting.

Step 3: Prepare your Template

How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
How to Make Moss Graffiti
For the template I used some geese, because I think it looks kinda cool. In my opinion the best pictures for templates are silhouettes or stencils well the black spots on the paper are the ones filled with moss on the wall. You could also freehand something on your wall if you think it will turn out cool.

There are just a few basic steps for getting a template on to your wall.

- Print your stencil or silhouette on regular paper the quality doesn't really matter what matters is that you like it.
- Pass your picture on to bigger paper if you wish to, I did paper put for multiple uses acrylic could be a great option and a laser cutter you be really precise on the drawing and the cuts.
- Cut your picture out and you have your template now just tape it to the wall when painting.

Step 4: Prepare Your "Milkshake"

How to Make Moss Graffiti
This is pretty simple just add all your ingredients and blend, to avoid clumping and get a smoother consistence blend in small batches until all the ingredients have been used.

After blending transfer your milkshake to a container for the painting process.

Step 5: Paint and Wait... Patience is a Virtue

How to Make Moss Graffiti
After taping your templates on the wall use your brushes to apply your paint on the wall or surface you want your graffiti on, after painting simply mist your artwork with water everyday until its sprouts, it will take from two to three weeks, on humid places like where I live in the misting can been done about two or three times a week but on hot climates it may be done twice a day.

All this process takes about a day, the long part is waiting for it to grow well moss is a slow grower, following all these simple steps you can have an eco-friendly artwork on your wall. If you make it make sure to leave a comment or any other type of feedback.

Thanks for viewing this Instructable :)

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