Arduino Minecraft Interface - do it yourself

This came to me many years ago when I had first started playing the very popular game, Minecraft. When I play Minecraft I get more into the technical side of building, calculators, and computation has always been more appealing to me. However, only twice did I find anything similar to what I wanted... That being a way to interface Minecraft Redstone with my little Arduino... Though at the time I wasn't proficient with programming, the man who made an Arduino Minecraft server would not help me out, and the Hey0 mod that was supposed to log redstone events in Minecraft was many years out of date. It has been roughly 4 years since this occurred and I had all but forgotten the events that had transpired. I was back to playing Minecraft more commonly and thought I would revisit this and thus, the AMI was born. This project is still under development and I am attempting to establish a website to work this out of, but for now an Instructable will, at least, put this program into others hands.


To Use The Example In This Tutorial You Will Need:


~RGB LED Common Cathode


Attached is a zip file containing:

~Source Code, Program, Arduino Program, Cat Picture, Minecraft World

Arduino Minecraft Interface

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