WoW Private Servers
This will show you how to play World of Warcraft without paying!!! There are servers that instantly give you level 80, free items, etc. There are also just regular servers if you want to play for real. Note: you may need to pay for the actual game, but not the monthly fee Blizzard charges. (But there might be free downloads of the game out there.)

Step 1: Install WoW

WoW Private Servers
Make sure you have World of Warcraft installed, including all the expansions and patches.

Step 2: Choose your server

WoW Private Servers
Search in google: WoW private servers and click the top link. Look through the list on this page until you find a server that looks good to you. For explanation purposes I will choose the #1 ranked server which is Rightwow. on the link to it. Register a new account on the server site you wish to play on. (This will be your World of Warcraft login) After making an account, find "Connecting to server" or instructions on how to connect. To play on a private server, they should give you a IP address, or website. This will be typed in one of your World of Warcraft files. OK here is where it gets a little harder. Go to your World of Warcraft folder. (Default: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft) and locate "" open this with notepad, or another text editor. It should say set realmlist, delete that so it says set realmlist "your server". For our case "set realmlist" save the file and exit.

Step 3: Play!

WoW Private Servers
Run World of Warcraft and log in with the account you made from the private server you signed up for. Connect to a server and pwn some noobs!

FYI: I no longer play World of Warcraft. WOTLK was too scary for me. :[

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