Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt
Here is a little "trick" to impress your friends in Command Prompt. It just makes your command prompt show up like it is the Matrix theme, and continually pressing enter helps it make even cooler!

I learned this a few years ago, and I decided to make it into an Instructable. I love to go to Computer stores, like Circuit City, or Costco, and put this up on the screen.

It is funny to see people's faces when they walk by, and the screen says:

"Welcome to the Matrix"

Step 1: Materials

Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt
What do I need to conquer the Matrix?
  • Any Windows Model with Command Prompt
  • The "run" module in your start menu
  • Keyboard
  • The Power of the Matrix
  • Step 2: Opening Command Prompt

    Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt
    Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt
    Once you have "run" open. Type in "cmd" in the text box.

    Then click OK, and the wonderful black dialog box of DOS should appear.

    If you are at school, and your "run" command is disabled, please refer to last step to find a secondary way to open up command prompt.

    Step 3: Typing it all in

    Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt
    Ok, so now you have Command Prompt open, it is now time to type in what we want.To clear the Microsoft Windows Copyright above the C:\Documents and Settings, just type in "cls"
  • cls means to clear screen.
  • So now, you should be left with C:\Documents and Settings\(Name of User>_Next, type in the word "prompt".After prompt, put a space, and start to type Welcome to the Matrix. To make sure the the saying is not overlapping to the next line, you have to type:
  • Welcome to the Matrix Welcome to the Matrix Welcome to the Matrix Welcome to the
  • As you can see, I did not add Matrix to the last phrase. I did this because it keeps it from running onto the next line.Type it as you see it above.Once you type it all in, press Enter. And move on to the next step.

    Step 4: Making it Matrix colors

    Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt
    Ok, so now it is time to make it the Matrix colors.Type in "cls", just to clear everything up. Don't worry, no information will be lost.You should have your Phrase across the screen now.To change the color, type in:
  • color 0a
  • 0a, means Green, and background black.Now Press ENTER! Hold Enter down, and there you go!You are one with the Matrix of Command Prompt!
  • Next Step is how to get around "run" being disabled.
  • The whole color legend is below:0=black1=blue2=green3=aqua4=red5=purple6=yellow7=white8=Gray9=Light Bluea=Light Greenb=Light Aquac=Light Redd=Light Purplee=Light Yellowf=Bright White

    Step 5: Opening CMD without "run"

    So your school admin blocked the Run from the start menu?Here is how to open command prompt without run!
  • Open up a new notepad document. AKA a text document.
  • Now type in start command.com
  • start command.com
  • Now click Save
  • Save it as cmd.bat
  • Save it to the Desktop
  • Click the icon that showed up, and command prompt should open now.

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