Urban Maps
For one of our design nights, we had guests create a stenciled map of where they were coming from, and how they got here.
The result? A beautiful illustration of the different modes of transportation that people used.

Step 1:

Urban Maps
Get a Stenciled map of the city you're in.

You can get one from here http://www.jstormurbanmaps.com/collections/all

Or, you can 3D/2D print your own map if you have the requisite material.

Step 2:

Urban Maps
Spray paint the map onto a white board/wall

Step 3:

Make a key. We suggest using at least 4 different colors for best effect.

Step 4:

Urban Maps
Watch as people fill up the map with all the awesome places they've come from.

Step 5:

Et, voila, you're done!

This Instructable is inspired by 'J-Storm Urban Maps' by Justin Smith

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