Hi guys. I want to show you my solar tracking system project. The system can move along two different axis. I used 4 LDR light sensor for sensing light and 2 servo motor for giving positions according to values read from sensor. 4 sensor are grouped as 2 sensor couple. The analog signals taken from LDR sensors are converted to digital signal with using MSP430G2553. Each sensor couple values are compared independently and give direction one servo motor.

Step 1:

Two axis solar tracking system using msp430

This is my solar tracking system circuit diagram. I used Proteus circuit development program. In this program there is no MSP430G series library. Because of this , I used another MSP430 circuit diagram for showing circuit connections. But I used MSP430G2553 in my project

Step 2:

Two axis solar tracking system using msp430
solar_tracking_code.txt2 KB

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