So I have built and bought several Raspberry Pi cases.

Before I could get a RasPi I owned several high quality paper cases.

Once it came out I graduated to cardboard, leather, Legos, and purchased cases.

I would buy a Pi and create or buy a new case.

I just received the new RasPi Model B+ so I started a case search.

While searching I remembered I bought some nylon screws and nuts for the Pi camera, they were the wrong size(d'oh!!) so I threw them in the 'pile of stuff to use later'.

Well later came today as they are the perfect size for the new Rasberry Pi model B+

I present the Twin RasPi B+ Rack "Case"

("Case" Disclaimer - this is an open air style case like the Acrylic VESA TV mounts)

Step 1: Parts

Twin Raspberry Pi B+ Rack "Case"


Quantity of 2 - Raspberry Pi Model B+

Quantity of 4 - Nylon 6/6 Machine Screw, Plain Finish, Off-White, Pan Head, Slotted Drive, Meets ASTM D4066/ASTM D6779, 1-1/2" Length, Fully Threaded, #4-40 Threads (Pack of 100)

Quantity of 16 - Nylon 6/6 Small Pattern Machine Screw Hex Nut, Off-White, #4-40 Thread Size, 1/4" Width Across Flats, 7/64" Thick (Pack of 100)

Step 2: Building the "Case"

Add Nut to all 4 Screws and space evenly

Add Raspberry Pi #1

Add Nut to all 4 Screws, tighten

Add 2nd Nut and space above first RasPi so they don't touch

Add Raspberry Pi #2

Add Nut to all 4 Screws, tighten

Adjust and you are done.

Step 3: Completed

Twin Raspberry Pi B+ Rack "Case"

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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