Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
Have you ever made a city out of Legos? I know i have built many of them but they all missed something... Traffic lights!
So i decided to make my very own traffic light setup from my arduino board.

Step 1: You will need:

Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
You will need:

An arduino board
Red, Green and amber LED's
Three 220 Ohm Resistors


and an Protoshield

Step 2: Get the components

Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
I assume you already have an adruino board, and maybe also a Protoshield.

You'll need the LED's and resistors

the 220 Ohm resistors are color coded so: Red, Red, Brown

Step 3: Hook up to the board

Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
Since this is a really simple project we only need 3 digital pins and ground.

Put the LED's in the breadboard/protoboard and use the resistors to connect them to the digital pins,

Green to pin 8
Yellow to pin 9
and Red to pin 10

then connect all the negative pins of the LED's together and to ground.

Step 4: Upload the code!

Simple Arduino Traffic Lights
Again, since this is a really simple project the code is also simple,
just copy it from below and upload it to your board via USB.

int greenled = 8; //Led's and pins
int yellowled = 9;
int redled = 10;

void setup()
pinMode(greenled, OUTPUT); //Pinmodes of the leds
pinMode(yellowled, OUTPUT);
pinMode(redled, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(greenled, HIGH); //Green on for 5 seconds
digitalWrite(greenled, LOW); //Green off, yellow on for 2 seconds
digitalWrite(yellowled, HIGH);
digitalWrite(yellowled, LOW); //yellow off, red on for 5 seconds
digitalWrite(redled, HIGH);
digitalWrite(yellowled, HIGH); //Yellow and red on for 2 seconds
digitalWrite(redled, LOW); //Red and Yellow off
digitalWrite(yellowled, LOW);

Step 5: Watch your traffic being controlled :)

Now you can see your very own traffic lights, control traffic.
the lights change according to European standards.


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