Simple amplifier with TDA2822M

In this instructable you'll learn, how to make a simple audio amplifier with the TDA2822M. The total cost of the components shouldn't cost much (5$ max) and because the circuit is very simple you don't need a PCB, you can make it on a protoboard.

Step 1: Things you'll need

You'll need a soldering iron, cutters and solder.

From the components you'll need:

  • TDA2822M 1pcs
  • 10k resistor 1pcs
  • 4k7 resistor 2pcs
  • 10nF cap 1pcs
  • 0u1F cap 2pcs
  • 10uF cap 2pcs
  • "bornier" connector 3pcs

    Step 2: Assembly

    Simple amplifier with TDA2822M

    Start by putting a resistors into the board. When you put them in, bend legs for a little, so they'll stay in. Than solder it .Than put the IC in and solder it. That put the capacitors in and solder than. And finally solder the bornier connectors in.

    Step 3: Finish

    Simple amplifier with TDA2822M

    Congrats now you have your mini amplifier. On the left you have power input. I recommend using 3-4V so there won't be much heat dissipation. In the middle there is a speaker output and on the right there is input.


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