Short Linux Tutorial

Short Linux tutorial that I wrote for Per Scholas in the South Bronx. Text file attached.

Proposed Linux Curriculum for Per Scholas

1. Start with my 30+ page PDF presentation on Linux, its history and overall development process

2. Boot up a Linux distribution from CD, ie: Puppy Linux, Linux Mint. All students get to keep the CD. Does not touch the hard drives.

3. Basics of the Linux Command line

4. Explain Linux file structure

5. The vi editor

6. Basic shell scripts

7. Free Software for Windows: LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, Impress, Base), Gimp, SweetHome 3D, WAMP stack (Windows, Apache, PHP, MySQL), ClamWin, 7zip, FileZilla, Notepad++, FastStone Image Editor

Short Linux Tutorial
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