Repair Computer Keyboard

Repair computer keyboard circuit using aluminium foil.

Step 1: Detect the problem in circuit using multimeter.

Repair Computer Keyboard

Disassemble your keyboard by unscrewing all screws in the bottom. You'll see three plastic sheets. Clean any previous liquid spills or dirt.

  • upper circuit sheet
  • middle plain plastic sheet
  • bottom circuit sheet

    Using multimeter, detect the fault in circuit. It may take a while in detection, be patient. Isolate the problem and this step is done.

    Step 2: Using aluminium sheet as conductor.

    Repair Computer Keyboard

    Use microwave aluminium sheet. I used shisha smoke foil. Cut a strip to cover the faulty area in circuit sheet.

    Step 3: Placing aluminium strip with a drop of glue.

    Repair Computer Keyboard

    See the red circle. I placed the aluminium strip in between lower and middle plastic sheet. If you've isolated the fault correctly and placed the aluminium foil without a short. Your keys should work now.

    Good Luck ~


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