Range Finder (basic) with Intel Edison

Hey all, this project is helping set up range finder and a simple project to get used to it. For this, I have used the code I found online and tested it out. So here is the project.

(NOTE:- You should have completely setup Intel Edison before starting this project)

Step 1: Things needed

  • Intel Edison with expansion board and arduino shield.
  • Range Finder (any will work)
  • Male and female jumper cables or the 3 pin cable if you have one. I didn`t had 3 pin cable so I used male and female jumper cables.
  • USB cable

    Step 2: Hardware connection

    Range Finder (basic) with Intel Edison
    Range Finder (basic) with Intel Edison

    As you can see from the image, range finder has 3 pins. Connect the center pin to 5V and other two sides to pin 7 and GND. Or you could use the 3 pin cable and attach it directly to the motor shield.

    Step 3: Code

    Download this file and open it using Arduino IDE. Upload the code and you are ready to test it.

    Range Finder (basic) with Intel Edison
    sketch_feb12a.ino1 KB

    Step 4: Future consideration

    Well now that you have made your first project using Range finder, you could probably code it to make some thing which could be used in daily life. Some of the ideas are using it for security system and putting it behind a door or your valuable item. Just think of some creative use to this project and start coding.......


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