Quick and easy bluetooth skype handset
Bought one of the Motorola HS820 headsets as suggested in another instructable and planted it in a traditional phone handset

This is really a prototype until I find a nice 'classic' handset. Just some friday afternoon nonsense in the office.

Step 1: Dismantle

Quick and easy bluetooth skype handset
Traditional handset: We have tons of these lying around the office. Open it up and remove the jack & mic. Keep the earpiece.

Moto headset: First make sure it works, from here on in your warrantly is awol. Open it up as per the related instructable. Desolder the earpiece, its weak. Tweak out the mic with a plastic tool, dont damage it.

Step 2: Wire & setup

Quick and easy bluetooth skype handset
I took the call button (plate switch) off the moto pcb and soldered two wires to a large button which I hung out the bottom of the handset.

I soldered in the earpeice, polarity is not an issue. If you do change the mic bear in mind you'll have to match it with similar characteristics & polarity.

I dremeled a hole for the charge and hot gluded the pcb in place.

I also put a light pipe in for the blue status LED.

Step 3: Put together and test

Quick and easy bluetooth skype handset
Do a skype test or skype out to someone to test it. Its kinda hard to go wrong with this, I havent put much effort in to documenting it. As I said this is just a bit of fun but I certainly prefer the feel of a tradtional handset versus messing around with getting a headset on.

Any questions, put them in the comments and I'll answer them - thanks.

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