Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
This project will show you how to make an easy, quick (I did it in under thirty minutes), and cheap (or free) LED Altoids Tin Flashlight.

Step 1: Gather Materials/Tools

Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight

-1 Switch (any one that you prefer)
-2 Ultra Bright LEDs
-1 3v Button Cell Battery
-Altoids Tin
-Electrical Tape


-Soldering Iron (with solder)
-Hot Glue Gun (with Hot Glue Sticks if needed)
-Box Cutter

Step 2: Prepare the Tin

Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
For this step, we're going to be cutting some holes in the tin for the LEDs to shine out of and the switch to come out of. Take a box cutter, heat up the metal with a soldering iron and poke it through, use a blowtorch, we don't care - just do it! Also keep in mind safety first. Obviously your holes aren't going to be exact but that's ok, we'll fill them with hot glue later on.

Step 3: Solder!

Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
For this part, you're going to need to be really careful. Line up the positive and negative leads (long metal parts) on the LEDs. The positive lead is the longer metal part extending from the LED. After you solder the negative lead to the other negative lead, and the positive lead to the other positive lead, solder one wire to each pair. Take the end of the wire that is soldered to the positive leads and solder it to one side of the switch (you'll know what I mean when you look at the switch). Take another wire and solder it to the other end of the switch. Take the end of the negative wire and the unconnected positive wire (the one on the other end of the switch) and tape them to the battery using electrical tape. Make sure the wires are connected to the right side of the battery.


Step 4: Finish It Up!

Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
Quick and Easy Altoids LED Flashlight
Next, all you're going to have to do is line up the LEDs in the hole you made earlier in the front, and the switch in the other hole in the side that you made. Don't worry if the LEDs and switch don't fit perfectly; just use some hot glue to fill in the empty space.

Congratulations! You finished it! Close up the tin and maybe even spray paint it! Thank you and don't forget to like, vote, and comment!

Step 5: Having Problems? Here's the Troubleshooting Guide!


The LEDs are not turning on or flickering:
1. There may not be enough tape on the battery, so may may want to add extra or tape it down
2. Check ALL connections and make sure that any wires aren't touching anything that they shouldn't
3. Make sure that you didn't accidentally solder the negative leads or wires to the positive ones or vice versa

Any more problems that weren't answered here? Comment and I'll respond with an answer!

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