Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen

Have you purchased a TinyScreen and wanted to display an image or gif on it? Look no further! Here we will explain how to do this with relative ease!

Step 1: Downloads and Materials

Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen
Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen

Materials Needed:

  • TinyDuino Processor: link
  • TinyScreen: link
  • TinyShield USB: link
  • TinyShield MicroSD: link
  • MicroSD Card (Any size you desire)
  • MicroSD Card Adapter*

    *Or some other method of interacting with your microSD card from your computer.*

    Downloads Required:

  • ImageMagick: link
  • CygWin: link

    For Linux and Mac users, CygWin does not need to be downloaded. Due to how Windows runs .sh files, we need CygWin to properly execute the ImageMagick conversion.


    The convert.sh file is for windows users, and the Convert2.sh is for Linux and Mac users. We will be running these shells in order to convert our images/gifs to the TinyScreen Video format. After the conversion we will have a .tsv file that will be ready be displayed on your screen.

    Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen
    convert.sh689 bytes
    Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen
    Convert2.sh660 bytes

    Step 2: Converting the image or .gif to a .tsv file

    Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen
    Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen

    Here is the gif, and .tsv file used in the opening gif as well as an image displaying our beloved cat. You can use this .tsv to make sure everything is working properly.

    Now that you have downloaded imagemagick and the covert.sh file, we will now get ready to convert the file. An important thing to note, is that the convert.sh file MUST be in the same folder as the gif/image you are trying to convert. Opening the command line, you must set the directory to the folder containing the files. Type in the command ./convert.sh color.gif to start the conversion.* Open up the folder and you will see, at least in this case, a color.tsv file. If you put this file into the root directory of your microSD card, upload one of the following codes, you will be able to display any gif/image on your TinyScreen! To convert other images, instead of typing color.gif type in the name of the image with the proper extension.

    *Note: If you are running windows you must first initilaze cygwin through the command prompt so you can run convert.sh. For easy access, save the main cygwin folder in your C drive. Open the command prompt and change the directory using the command cd C:\cygwin the execute the batch file by typing Cygwin. A $ symbol should appear indicating that you ran the batch file, so set the directory to your conversion folder and enter the command to start the conversion.

    Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen
    color.tsv60 KB

    Step 3: Programming the TinyDuino

    Putting Images on  Your TinyScreen

    The TinyScreen Video Player is a nice little code that will look for a specified .tsv file on your microSD card. The TinyScreen Video Menu code looks through all the files on your microSD card and you can choose which file you want to be displayed. With that said, have fun!


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