Pier 9 CNC Tool Library
A tool library with proven speeds, feeds, and depth of cut greatly simplifies the machining process. Import the tool library into Autodesk CAM 360, Autodesk Inventor HSM or FeatureCAM and you are ready to use the amazing CNC machines at Pier 9. I wish I had something like this when I was learning to use CNC machines!

Download Pier 9 CNC Tool Library

How to Install ArtCAM 2013
  • Please contact network admin Tim Young (first.last@autodesk.com) to get access to the Autodesk Pier 9 Network Drive.
  • Once you have access to Autodesk Pier 9 Network
  • Connect to this computer \\SFO2UA0240GN2\PASS This contains the sofware you need to download.
  • Install software by running executable file in the network folder or copy .zip file to your machine.
  • Enable the network license by copying dcam.flx file to C:\dcam\config\pass
  • Run ArtCAM 2013 (RMS) (64-bit) Post-Processors
  • The latest post-processors for each machine are on the network drive in the 'CNC Data' folder. Learn CAM software and machining
  • Learn HSMWorks
  • Learn Fusion 360 CAM
  • Check out some of Dan's videos Step 1, Step 2
  • Free CNC handbook by Autodesk
  • Read great books from the Pier 9 CNC Library
  • CNC Programming Handbook
  • Machine Shop Essentials
  • Machine Shop Know-How
  • Precision Machining Technology
  • The Skinny on End Mills FeatureCAM Training Videos
  • Training videos for FeatureCAM are stored on the Pier 9 Z-share drive. Copy the folder "FeatureCAM Training" to your hard drive - FYI the file is 11.9 GB.
  • It's easier to view these training files using FeatureCAM's built-in browser, so you'll need to update the Browser file in the File Options menu.
  • Here's how you do it:
  • Select Options -> File Options -> Browser -> then click Browse.
  • Set the file name to a .html page located in the FeatureCAM Training file you just copied ->FeatureCAM Training\FeatureCAMRollingDemo\Home_Menu.html. Lastly, we support programming and operation of the Mori Seiki NT-1000SZM.
  • Instructions for borrowing the Esprit license
  • Transferring files to and from the Mori

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