Net Sending on a Computer
Net Sending on a Computer
send messages with Command Prompt!

Step 1: Opening Command Prompt

Net Sending on a Computer
Net Sending on a Computer
this part is pretty easy, anyone who has used command prompt before knows how to do this, all you need to do is hold down the windows logo key and r to open up run, or you can just go to start>run

once in run, type in cmd or cmd.exe and then press enter
the command prompt shell should now be open

Step 2: Enabling the Messenger Service

Net Sending on a Computer
Net Sending on a Computer
Net Sending on a Computer
Net Sending on a Computer
now you are going to have to enable the messenger service. do this by opening up run again, and now you type in services.msc and then press enter

a new window will open up, find the name "Messenger" (no quotes and in alphabetical order)
right click on messenger and select properties.
once in properties on the drop down menu select automatic and then click apply.
once apply is clicked, click on the Start button to start the service

Step 3: Using Net Send

Net Sending on a Computer
now that you have the messenger service activated, it's time to learn how to send messages

the format for net sending is something like this:

net send (user/IP address) message

an example is:

C:\Users\z2daj>net send z2daj Hey

you can only use users if you are on the same computer, if you want to send messages to other computers, you have to get their IP address AND activate the messenger service on their computer as well

to get the IP address all you need to do is open up CMD and type in ipconfig (one word) and then press enter, the computer's IP will be under IP Address...

Step 4: Sending Messages

Net Sending on a Computer
yes now for the moment you've been waiting for, the actual sending of messages

open up cmd
type in net send (IP) message
i recommend that you use the system's IP for two reasons
1) IP's are unique to computers
2) Using Users does not always work

i have my ip address whited out because i don't want anyone to know my ip

Step 5: Net Send cont.

Net Sending on a Computer
using net send does not always work on school networks, if you actually have a smart networking company they would have blocked the messenger service from being activated, i had a friend who was using net send, and instead of using the IP the put a * in that place (* means that it broadcasts to ALL computers on the network) and the company disabled net sending. you can actually make a batch file to use as an "Instant Messaging" program and starting the services.msc i made this batch file and converted it to a .exe file so that all my friends can use itnet sending only works on a network and as far as i know only on XP, i have not tried it on vista yet but i plan tohave fun sending messages to your friends/co-workers at school or work

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