Multi Sensors Project

Hello everyone!

In this tutorial I will explain how to create a project that includes many sensors and functions .

The material we need is:

- Arduino Uno

- Breadboard

- 12 LED

- 3 resistors - 220Ohm

- 2/3 resistors - 1KOhm

- 1 photoresistor

- 1 buzzer

- 1 humidity and temp sensor DHT11

- 1 tilt sensor

- 1 display LCD 16-02

Step 1: The circuit

Multi Sensors Project

We mount the circuit as described in the image or open the ".fzz" file with Fritzing.

Multi Sensors Project
Multi_Sensors_Project.fzz15 KB

Step 2: Load the .ino file on Arduino Shield

Multi Sensors Project
Multi Sensors Project

Now , download the file ".ino" and load it in your Arduino board.

Multi Sensors Project
Multi_Sensors_Project.ino1 KB

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