Mini Counter

Mini Counter, it's a project that is based on an IC 4026 counter and a mini common cathode 7-segment LED display, and with help of a few components you can construct this interesting device. Next, go to the follow website:

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Mini Counter

1 170 Point 1 Terminal Strip Breadboard

1 Displays Segmented Module 1DIGIT 8LED Hi-Eff. Red CC 10-Pin DIP Tube

1 Capacitor Radial 10 uF 25v 20% 85c 4x5x1.5mm


1 Standard Timer Single 8-Pin Plastic Dip Rail (IC 555)

1 Resistor Carbon Film 1k Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% (In Bags of 10 and 100)


What you will need:

Wire strippers and cutter

Needle nose pliers

Wire for connections

Step 2: Showing The Diagram

Mini Counter

Follow carefully this diagram so that you can construct your project successfully.

Step 3: Installing The Main Components

Mini Counter

In this step, you are going to install the mini common cathode LED display, the IC 4026, and the IC 555 timer in your mini breadboard.

Step 4: Mini LED Display Pins

Mini Counter

The mini LED display is a common cathode LED display 7-segment and its distribution of pins is showed in the picture attaches in this step whose numeration forms an inverse "U" from 1 to 10 pin of this component.

Step 5: Connecting The LED Display Pins

Mini Counter

In this step, I am utilizing a color of wire only. For that, you need to observe carefully the diagram in step #2 to identify the LED display pins and their right connections.

Step 6: Connecting to +5V

Mini Counter

In this step, you are going to connect to +5V by using the same color in this case: red.

Step 7: Connecting to GND

Mini Counter

In this step, you are going to connect to GND. Note that I am utilizing the following colors: orange, brown, and metallic. It's so that you are following the diagram of your project.

Step 8: Connecting The Capacitor

Mini Counter

In this step, you are going to connect the capacitor and doing a connection between the two integrated circuit by utilizing a yellow wire.

Step 9: Installing The Potentiometer

Mini Counter

In this step, you are going to install the potentiometer

Step 10: Connecting The Resistor of 1K

Mini Counter

Connect the resistor of 1K and do the last connection by utilizing yellow wire. It's imperative that the diagram be followed carefully so that you end correctly your project.

Step 11: Probing The Project

Mini Counter

Probe the project and check each connection that you did so that your project functions correctly.


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