Militarize Your G-shock Watch

For this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to change your G-shock's module into a Military Red Eye Version. Some might say its as easy as putting a red plastic cover infront of the module, but that's not it. We want it clean and legit. We want to modify the look and make it a badass military style watch. I already gave up looking for that Polarizing Film (which is unfortunately only available online) that can be used to stealth the display of your G-shock.

I ued my old G-shock G2110-1S for this tutorial

Step 1: Prepare your tools

Militarize Your G-shock Watch
Militarize Your G-shock Watch

First, prepare the necessary tools that you need to disassemble your G-shock watch.

a. Anti-Magnetic Metal Tweezers

b. Precision Screws

c. Plastic Folder of any color (must be transparent enough that light will pass through it - I chose red to give that Military look - you can also print out camo on an acetate)

d. Cutter or Scissors

Step 2: Disassemble

Militarize Your G-shock Watch

1. Remove the Straps

2. Open your G-shock module by removing the screws of the Stainless Steel Plate (back cover)

3. Make sure you save your gasket

4. Remove the module rubber protector

5. remove the whole module

6. remove battery

Step 3: Module Disassembly

Militarize Your G-shock Watch
Militarize Your G-shock Watch

5.1 removed the metal protector (it will expose the sensitive parts of the module so handle with care)

5.2 follow the diagram for easier understanding of the module's parts

5.2.1 make sure that you handle the illuminator spring contacts carefully. (they might sprung out of nowhere)

Step 4: Dial Color Replacement

Militarize Your G-shock Watch

5.3 remove the dial color and trace it on your colored acetate, plastic or transparent folder (mine is red for that military look)

5.4 put the traced portion as a replacement for the stock color (this is the magic)

5.5 assemble your module (follow diagram again)

7. Put the batteries again (if the led wont show the time, then touch the AC with + of battery using your metal tweezers)

8. Put the whole module back together

9. Put silicon gel on your gasket (if you dont have any, I think petrolume gel will do)

10. Put back the module rubber protector

11. Screw down the back plate, but dont overdo the screws.

12. Put the straps

13. And take that wristshot!

Step 5: The Final Look

Militarize Your G-shock Watch
Militarize Your G-shock Watch



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