Meta lamp - portrait of a lamp is a 2000 lumen led lamp
For over a century the shape of our lighting has been defined by the shape of a glass bulb. No more. High power leds the size of a grain of sand are on the horizon and the only limits to lighting is our imagination.

And if it is still not quite practical to have our walls light up, at least art should light your life (literally).

Warning - this is a very bright lamp at eye level and will not be suitable for all locations.

Materials -
LED driver - AC/DC voltage converter Waterproof 670mA 36W Power Constant Current Source (85~265V)
USD$ 11.79 . qty 1, source Dealextreme

2 watt lumen leds - (any bright white led will work). 2W 160-180LM 2850~3050K Warm White LED Light Bulbs (20-Piece Pack)
USD$ 7.67 (only used 13) source Dealextreme

star boards - Hexangular PCB Boards for 1W/3W/5W LED Emitter (100-Piece)
USD$ 6.94 (only used 13) source Dealextreme

Framed art $4.99 - source Goodwill

others - Solder, wire, chipquick solder paste (amazon), Gila window film (home depot), power cord with built-in switch (home depot),20" x 20" sheet aluminum (home depot)

Step 1: Step 1 - "wave soldering in an electric skillet " - attach leds to star pcb boards

I learned this here on instructables. All credit should go to DJJules for this.

Insure a good thermal bond between the LEDs and the star pcbs. DJJules' instructions are great. If you have never tried wave soldering in a skillet you should. A little chipquick on each contact point and a little heat and the batch is completed.

Step 2: Step 2 - solder and epoxy to aluminum plate (heat sink)

Meta lamp - portrait of a lamp is a 2000 lumen led lamp
Solder the leds (now mounted on the star pcbs) in series (- to +) and use a thermal epoxy to bond to a heat sink. I like the two part arctic silver epoxy but I am sure others will work as well.

(In a pinch I have even mixed JB weld epoxy with silver solder paste as a thermal epoxy- caveat emptor).

Step 3: Step 3 - Cut the lamp outline - add shade/diffuser

Meta lamp - portrait of a lamp is a 2000 lumen led lamp
Meta lamp - portrait of a lamp is a 2000 lumen led lamp
Cut the lamp outline through the art.

Tape on diffuser (4 layers of Gila window covering) over lamp outline

Step 4: Finish

Meta lamp - portrait of a lamp is a 2000 lumen led lamp
Connect the 13 leds to the DC side of led driver. (+ output of DC driver to + of LED string, - output of DC driver to - of LED string)

Connect the AC side of led driver to power cord with built in switch.

Screw the aluminum plate (with LEDs) to the frame.


Plug in, switch on and enjoy.

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