Matrix in Command Prompt
Matrix in Command Prompt
Matrix in Command Prompt

So this is a code that I have been working on for a couple days.(I'm a noob at programming) Most of the things that I saw for this matrix effect thing were using the %random% command so it was just using random numbers not 1's and 0's so I searched the internet found an uncompleted code for a random number generator and made this:

@echo off
color 0A
set /a varUUU=%random%/19000
set /a varTTT=%random%/19000
set /a varSSS=%random%/19000
set /a varRRR=%random%/19000
set /a varQQQ=%random%/19000
set /a varPPP=%random%/19000
set /a varOOO=%random%/19000
set /a varNNN=%random%/19000
set /a varMMM=%random%/19000
set /a varLLL=%random%/19000
set /a varJJJ=%random%/19000
set /a varIII=%random%/19000
set /a varHHH=%random%/19000
set /a varGGG=%random%/19000
set /a varFFF=%random%/19000
set /a varEEE=%random%/19000
set /a varDDD=%random%/19000
set /a varCCC=%random%/19000
set /a varBBB=%random%/19000
set /a varAAA=%random%/19000
set /a varZZ=%random%/19000
set /a varYY=%random%/19000
set /a varXX=%random%/19000
set /a varWW=%random%/19000
set /a varVV=%random%/19000
set /a varUU=%random%/19000
set /a varTT=%random%/19000
set /a varSS=%random%/19000
set /a varRR=%random%/19000
set /a varQQ=%random%/19000
set /a varPP=%random%/19000
set /a varOO=%random%/19000
set /a varNN=%random%/19000
set /a varMM=%random%/19000
set /a varLL=%random%/19000
set /a varKK=%random%/19000
set /a varJJ=%random%/19000
set /a varII=%random%/19000
set /a varHH=%random%/19000
set /a varGG=%random%/19000
set /a varFF=%random%/19000
set /a varEE=%random%/19000
set /a varDD=%random%/19000
set /a varCC=%random%/19000
set /a varBB=%random%/19000
set /a varAA=%random%/19000
set /a varZ=%random%/19000
set /a varY=%random%/19000
set /a varX=%random%/19000
set /a varW=%random%/19000
set /a varV=%random%/19000
set /a varU=%random%/19000
set /a varT=%random%/19000
set /a varS=%random%/19000
set /a varR=%random%/19000
set /a varQ=%random%/19000
set /a varP=%random%/19000
set /a varO=%random%/19000
set /a varN=%random%/19000
set /a varM=%random%/19000
set /a varL=%random%/19000
set /a varK=%random%/19000
set /a varJ=%random%/19000
set /a varI=%random%/19000
set /a varH=%random%/19000
set /a varG=%random%/19000
set /a varF=%random%/19000
set /a varE=%random%/19000
set /a varD=%random%/19000
set /a varC=%random%/19000
set /a varB=%random%/19000
set /a varA=%random%/19000
set /a var9=%random%/19000
set /a var8=%random%/19000
set /a var7=%random%/19000
set /a var6=%random%/19000
set /a var5=%random%/19000
set /a var4=%random%/19000
set /a var3=%random%/19000
set /a var2=%random%/19000
set /a var1=%random%/19000
set /a var0=%random%/19000
@echo %var0%%var1%%var2%%var3%%var4%%var5%%var6%%var7%%var8%%var9%%varA%%varB%%varC%%varD%%varE%%varF%%varG%%varH%%varI%%varJ%%varK%%varL%%varM%%varN%%varO%%varP%%varQ%%varR%%varS%%varT%%varU%%varV%%varW%%varX%%varY%%varZ%%varAA%%varBB%%varCC%%varDD%%varEE%%varFF%%varGG%%varHH%%varII%%varJJ%%varKK%%varLL%%varMM%%varNN%%varOO%%varPP%%varQQ%%varRR%%varSS%%varTT%%varUU%%varVV%%varWW%%varXX%%varYY%%varZZ%%varAAA%%varBBB%%varCCC%%varDDD%%varEEE%%varFFF%%varGGG%%varLLL%%varMMM%%varNNN%%varOOO%%varPPP%%varQQQ%%varRRR%%varSSS%%varTTT%%varUUU%
goto A

if you don't know how to use this code then open a new text document then paste the code into it click file then save it as what ever you want .bat you have to have the .bat or it won't work and also make sure the %var%'s are all in one line.(some pictures of what it should look like up top)

sorry if this is lack-luster this is my first real programming and making one of these instructables experience


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