Making Pine Rosin

Are you a violinist, cellist, athlete, artist, electronics pro or plumber? If you are you might use Rosin for grip, making better sound and all that kind of stuff. Does the rosin you use cost money? Well today I'm gonna try my best "WINK WINK" to teach you how to make it on your own.

Step 1: Supplies

Making Pine Rosin

You don't need that many supplies, but you need some, you need...

- Resin

Find a damaged pine tree and gently collect the resin with a dull knife. The stuff is sticky and hard to wash out, so rubber gloves can really help.

- Resin Burner

We used a small tin can (2' diameter), turned the lid into a sieve using a hummer and a nail to pierce it. Make sure it’s plain uncovered tin inside, otherwise the coating substance would melt down and spoil your rosin.

- Aluminum Foil

Step 2: Getting The Resin Burner Ready

Making Pine Rosin

Line the inside of the tin can with aluminum foil.

Step 3: Burn It

Making Pine Rosin
Making Pine Rosin

Assemble the resin burner and place your resin into the ‘sieve’. Fire it. Crude resin does not start burning right away, be patient.

The high and quite impressive flame is produced by turpentine. All unneeded inclusions will burn out. It melts, smokes and boils, and your pure rosin leaks down through the holes onto the foil.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Making Pine Rosin

Here is your finished product. HOPE YOU ENJOY!


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