MakeyMakey Tap Shoes

Hook up a MakeyMakey to tap shoes!

You'll need:
one MakeyMakey
a pair of tap shoes

some extra wire for longer leads


Step 1: Tape lead wires to the taps

MakeyMakey Tap Shoes

Strip the wire ends. Use the tape to fasten some of the extra wires to each of the four taps. About four feet is a good length for the wires.

Step 2: Hook up the ground lead

MakeyMakey Tap Shoes

Attach the ground lead to a metal plate from the MakeyMakey

Step 3: Hook up the MakeyMakey

MakeyMakey Tap Shoes

Hook up each tap to one of the inputs on the MakeyMakey. You can experiment around with which one you want which tap to be hooked up to.

Step 4: Tap time!

MakeyMakey Tap Shoes

Pick a program from to experiment with. Tap away!


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