Make your own Unicode Text Images
1) Hey guys, I was playing Roblox and saw a few text images, I wondered what they where called so I searched it, but it didn't come up with any suggestions. So I copied this Homer Simpson one from Roblox and I decided to make my own. So I did a lot of copying and pasting in NotePad and made an Annoying Orange one (since that would be simple). When I went to save it, it said it wouldn't save unless I changed it into a Unicode file. So that's what I'm calling it, a Unicode Text Image. Today, I am going to show you how to make one of these from scratch, it's pretty easy, except it will probably take a while. So, have fun! Also, just in case you are wondering, there is absolutely NO coding, so you don't have to learn how to code something.

2) To get started, you need the three basic colors of what we are doing, light gray, gray, and black. Because Instructables doesn't support Unicode text, you need to download a Unicode Text file that has the Unicode blocks in it. You can get this text file below.

3) Now it is time to put it together, what you want to do is to open the starter pack and open a new text document. Put them next to each other and copy and paste the different bricks line by line from top to bottom, this isn't a very good explanation but you'll figure it out. Once you've finished your image, you would want to click save, but you have to do one thing first. Click save, you will probably get a massage on your screen saying something, so click cancel. You click cancel because it is saying that there is something wrong with your document. Once you've clicked cancel, a save window will open. Make sure that your text document is saved as a .txt document and that the encoding is NOT set as a ANSI and is set as Unicode. Then click save. Now, you're done! You can open your document and show it to your friends. Also, you can post Unicode letters on Facebook, so you can copy and paste some Unicode from the text document into Facebook. That's all!
Make your own Unicode Text Images
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