LittleBits Projects: Halloween Stick Figure Costume

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With just a few snaps you can use littleBits to make instant interactive wearables: make your own light-up stick figure costume, glowing dinosaur hoodie, and more!

This project uses the Limited Edition Stick Figure Costume Pack we introduced for Halloween.

This pack is enough to trace a stick figure for a tiny human, or a hoodie version for a bigger human. Each light wire is 4 feet long and capable of being folded, bent, taped and sewn onto a variety of materials. The pulse module allows you to blink your light wires at a frequency of your choosing.

The light wire has been a crowd fave for our bitizens, using it to invent customized light-up costumes for years. Now we have a super easy way for everyone to make their own costume guaranteed to light up any costume party or trick-or-treating!

To make a stick figure that lights up and stays on

- Make your circuit of Battery-->Power-->Light Wires

- You can sew the light wires onto a dark piece of clothing or use the hook & loop Shoes to easily attach to clothing.

To make a light-up costume that blinks:

- Make your circuit of Battery-->Power-->Pulse-->Light Wires

- By adding the Pulse the lights will blink. Similar to the above, you can sew the modules to dark clothing or attach with the Shoes

Bits You Will Need:

Battery + Cable x 1

Power x 1

Pulse x 1

Pulse Wire x 2

Shoes x 1

Other Materials Used:

  • hoodie x 1
  • needle + thread x 1
  • sweatpants x 1
  • Step 1: Build the circuit

    LittleBits Projects: Halloween Stick Figure Costume
    LittleBits Projects: Halloween Stick Figure Costume

    Build this circuit: power + pulse + light wire + light wire.

    Adjust the pulse to whatever speed you like. Use the hook & loop bitsnaps to secure your circuit so they don't separate. Use the adhesive hook & loop strip to adhere it to your material.

    Step 2: Shape the wire

    LittleBits Projects: Halloween Stick Figure Costume

    Bend the lightwire into the shape of a stick figure. The lightwire is great because it holds the general shape once you bend it.

    Step 3: Sew the lightwire into place

    LittleBits Projects: Halloween Stick Figure Costume

    Use a needle and thread to sew the lightwire into your clothing. We recommend light thread and dark fabric.

    Step 4: Wear your costume!

    LittleBits Projects: Halloween Stick Figure Costume

    Go forth and be spooky!


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