LED Tubelight AC
LED Tubelight AC

Step 1: Step 1:

LED Tubelight AC
Components Required:
150 Nos. White LEDs (5mm),
4 nos. 1N4007 diodes,
3 nos. 22 Ohms resistors,
1no. 1M resistor, 1/4 W,
1no. Capacitor 105/400V, Polyester,
14/36 Wire for connections

Step 2: Step 2;

LED Tubelight AC
Connect 50 LED's in series and add one 22ohm 1 watt resistor anywhere inbetween of the series connection.

make 3 sets of series connected LED's with each 50nos.

connect the 3 sets in parallel (three anodes together and three cathodes together whic forms two terminals).

form a bridge circuit using IN4007 diodes. connect the terminals as shown in circuit. add the 105/400v capacitor to the phase of 230v main. connect 1M onm .25W resistor parallel to the capacitor.


Step 3:

LED Tubelight AC
LED Tubelight AC
Take 2inch 4 ft pvc pipe casing assemble the LED's in the one Side of the Pipe casing solder the connections ,close the pipe casing and finally connect to the supply.

For proper illumination fix the led tube on the roof.

for more brightness use phirana or smd 3258 LED's.

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