LED Light Writting
Light Writing; also know as Light Painting, is a technique that can be used in both traditional and digital photography.

Step 1: Ingredients

LED Light Writting
1.SLR camera (digital or traditional) or any camera that alows you to choose your shutter speed
2.LED light, any one will do

Step 2: Choose your location

Now that you have your Camera, LED light and Tripod you need to choose you location. Any setting will do, just make sure it is dark and the sun is shinning.

Step 3:

Now take your SLR camera and turn it to TV, Time Value, Or shutter speed priority. Next you will need to change your shutter speed to a number ranging from 4" to 30".For myself I set my camera to 20" or 30", depending on the lighting conditions. Then place the camera on your tripod. Now you are ready to take a picture.

Step 4: Taking the picture.

LED Light Writting
LED Light Writting
Now look through your viewfinder and take a mental note of what is in the frame. Take the picture and run into the fram and draw away. Remember that if you are facing the camera you drawings will come out backwards so you too will need to draw backwards. Another tip will Be to have some one else take the picture and you draw. You can also use multiple LED lights and colors. Remember to have fun and be creative. Here are some examples done on a 35mm SLR camera.

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