Laser Pointer Fun

Our dog has tons of energy and always wants to play. However, play time can be exhausting to the humans of the house. We found out a few months ago that the dog loves to play ‘chase the red dot.’ Boredom leads to creativity, so we attached a laser pointer to her head with a bandana and small piece of tape. This kept her continuously occupied until we removed it after 20 minutes. I assume you could try this with a cat if you were daring enough - good luck with that.

Caution: Laser pointers (even low wattage versions like this) can cause eye injury. Verify that the laser pointer will never shoot into the dogs eyes. In lieu of tape over the switch, a failsafe approach could be used where the switch latch is released if the laser pointer is moved from the original position. In addition, NEVER leave the dog unattended with laser pointer attached to the head. Adult supervision required.

Step 1: Materials

Laser Pointer Fun

  • Dog
  • Laser pointer
  • Head band or bandana
  • Tape

    Step 2: Place a piece of tape over the lens of the laser pointer

    Laser Pointer Fun

    Step 3: Use tape to hold down the laser pointer button

    Laser Pointer Fun

    Step 4: Attach laser pointer

    Laser Pointer Fun

    Attach laser pointer to dog. We used a bandana and a small piece of tape for extra support. I’m sure there are better ways than shown but this seemed to work for us. Another option would be make a contraption that holds it off the collar.

    Step 5: Remove lens tape and let the entertainment begin


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