Laser Cutter Guitar Picks
Laser Cutter Guitar Picks
Laser Cutter Guitar Picks
1. Using Adobe Illustrator (or other vector based design software) design a template for your guitar picks. (my design is attached)
a. The width and length of a standard guitar pick was measured as a basis for this template.
b. For this design, a vertical guide line was used as a reference to ensure symmetry. Using the arc tool, the right side of the design
was created, then copied and reflected vertically to compete the shape. These lines will be cut on the laser cutter
(RGB R255 G0 B0/ pt.001)
c. Lay out a grid over your design to measure bevel in the final sanding process. These lines will be burned into your material, NOT
cut (RGB R0 G0 B0/ pt.01)

2. Print/ cut your design as many times as desired, into laser cutter appropriate material. Wood was used in this example

3. Use sandpaper to bevel picks to your personal preference. Use the grid designed in step 1c as a measurement tool to replicate bevel edges.

4. Try experimenting with different coats, materials, and thicknesses for different tonal properties.

I made it at Techshop!!
This project was made in the amazing facilities of TechShop Pittsburgh. It is a unique and valuable resource that is not available everywhere. If you have a TechShop that you are able to visit, I highly suggest stopping in for a free tour and joining. Find Techshop locations using the link below, and be sure to keep an eye out for new locations near you.

You can visit their webiste here, or at
Laser Cutter Guitar Picks
gtr pick test.ai255 KB

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