Keyboard Skateboard
I was brainstorming with Randy on projects for the Mice and Keyboard Reuse Challenge and I thought of doing a keyboard skateboard! Randy showed me this had already been done. Randy was quick to also note that this project didn't actually work!

I was determined to make a working version of the Keyboard Skateboard out of an old keyboard and some parts!

Step 1: Supplies

Keyboard Skateboard
For this you will need the following:
2 skateboard trucks
4 skate wheels + bearings
2 risers
1 2x4 piece of wood
1 old keyboard
8 wood screws

not shown:
Silver Paint

Step 2: Paint Your Wheels And Board

Keyboard Skateboard
First i put a coat of nice silver paint on the board and wheels to give it that "Mac" look since i was using an old mac keyboard.

Step 3: Put the wheels and bearing on the trucks

Keyboard Skateboard
Keyboard Skateboard
Keyboard Skateboard
Next you want to put the bearings and the wheels on the skate trucks. The best way to do this is to put 2 bearings on, press as hard as you can on one side and then flip the wheel over and press the other side.

Once the bearings are inside the wheel, bolt it down tight enough so it doesn't come off, if the wheel doesn't spin well, loosen your bolt.

Step 4: Attaching the trucks to the wood

Keyboard Skateboard
Keyboard Skateboard
Keyboard Skateboard
Next you screw the trucks into the wood, I used risers which is traditional on a skateboard, but probably unnecessary for this project. Make sure the trucks are lined up or you'll permanently turn :-)

Step 5: Glue The Keyboard To The Wood

Keyboard Skateboard
Keyboard Skateboard
Next glue the keyboard to the wood. I used gorilla glue and clamped it down for a few hours until it was dry.

Step 6: Add A Decal

Keyboard Skateboard
Lastly get one of those sweet apple stickers from your new ipad 2 purchase and slap it on the bottom and you have your very own "iSkate"

Then go do some shreading!

Step 7: Final Thoughts

Keyboard Skateboard
Although this skateboard does ride there are some improvements i would implement for version 2.0

First off, there is no way to do tricks on this board as there is no tail, some sort of tail would really help even trying to do an ollie.

Secondly, the 2x4 method works and is strong, but i could probably get away with using a 1/2" piece of plywood, i chose the 2x4 just to be safe so i wouldn't break the keyboard, but after riding, it's clear i need something lighter.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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