Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner
Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner
Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner

Hey everyone! This is my very first Intel Edison project! The project uses the Edison's built-in WiFi capabilities to scan for any WiFi networks in it's vicinity. It then shows the number of networks found and each networks name on an RGB LED backlit LCD screen. The completed project doesn't require a computer, making it portable so you can carry it around.

Though this itself isn't very useful as such, its a great way to get familiar with the Intel Edison. Any newbie like me can get baffled by the complexity of Linux and Wireless. Small and simple projects like this, and several other Instructables, will help you get acquianted with these uncharted waters.

This WiFi network scanner is programmed in Arduino language, so, in "Intel Edison terms", it's simple to understand and use. The circuit is extremely simple as it only uses a shield, LCD, and a connecter. I haven't included the instructions for setting up your Edison, but will update this Instructable with it as soon as possible!

Step 1: Prerequisites...

Before making this project make sure that you have basically set up your Intel Edison. You should have completed the following steps:

  • Connected the SD card sized Edison to the Breakout board.
  • Downloaded all required drivers.
  • Downloaded the Edison Arduino IDE. (Note: This is different from the normal Arduino IDE).
  • Flashed the Edison with the latest Linux image (see here)
  • Tried uploading the blink sketch (and making it work)
  • Connect to your WiFi network.

    Instructions to do the above are all included here...

    Step 2: Project Details...

    Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner

    Time: 1 hour

    Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Intel Edison and its Breakout Board
  • Seemed Studio's Grove Starter Kit - we'll need the Base Shield and the RGB LCD Screen

    Step 3: Make The Connections...

    Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner

    This is dead simple. Just attach the shield, and connect the LCD screen to the "I2C" connector on the base shield (as shown above in the picture).

    Step 4: Upload Code...

    The Edison is is just a powerful Arduino that has a "WiFi Shield" built into itself. Hence we can use Arduino's WiFi library (originally for the WiFi shield), with the Intel Edison. The code is in the attachment below.

    Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner
    edison_wifi_scanner.ino832 bytes

    Step 5: Finish!

    Intel Edison WiFi Network Scanner

    You should first see the LCD Scree's backlight turn light blue. It'll blank for a few seconds. Then it will show "X networks" (X being the number of WiFi networks available). It will then show the name of each network along with its strength every 3 seconds.


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