Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
This instructable describes how to integrate LEDs with fischertechnik elements!

My original vision was to create a mechanical video game that would light up LEDs. Then I started tinkering with fischertechnik's Eco Power kit (#57485) and realized that my first step would be a simple explaination of how to use LEDs with fischertechnik models.

I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit and Over the years I have built different models using all sorts of toys, and I have created many different electronic based devices that use LEDs.

Step 1: Collect the Parts

Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
The fischertechnik elements are available from a range of kits available from ebay, Craig's List, or fischertechnik retailers. Elements can be purchased individually from

I limited myself to the Eco Power kit (#57485).

The List:

1 Green fischertechnik Plug
1 Red fischertechnik Plug
1 Small Screwdriver

Step 2: Loosen Screws

Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
Unscrew the tiny screws located in the plugs several turns, being careful not to drop the screws. They are TINY! Once they hit the floor, you will have a difficult time finding them. I recommend loosening them just enough to insert the LED leads.

Step 3: Insert and Tighten Screws

Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
Insert the positive lead into the Red Plug, and tighten the screw so that the lead is fixed in place. Insert the negative lead into the Green Plug, and tighten its screw.

Step 4: Integrate!

Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
With the fischertechnik plugs attached, you can integrate the LED into a variety of models. This one is a simple belt-driven generator using elements from the Eco Power kit.

You are ready to integrate LEDs in any number of ways!

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