Install Any windows O.S by a Virtual Driver

People tend to find DVDs etc to install windows or pen drive but not knowing that it can be done with just your computer and the setup.iso file only and this is 100% safe and fast.

Step 1: Requirements

A Computer with any Windows O.S installed

Power ISO or Daemon Tools or Any other similar software

The Windows Setup should be in .ISO format or convert it to .ISO

Step 2: N.B

Install Any windows O.S by a Virtual Driver

This method of Installation Overrides the current installation and should be installed while you are logged into your account{Account can have administrator privileges or not as long as you know the administrator password}

Step 3: How to Install

Install Any windows O.S by a Virtual Driver

Go to the Windows .ISO file format

Right click on the File

In this instance will use Daemon tools Pro

Go to Daemon Tool option

Move over to Mount to

Now click any Virtual Driver available

Voila! Your O.S will be mounted to a virtual driver

Now go to my computer there you will find the setup,normaly as soon as you mount an autorun menu will pop up.


Help on How to create a virtual Driver ?

Step 4: Done



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