How to zip files
Compressing (aka zipping) files is a usefultool for emailing, sending, burning, or uploading files, and its very easy.

To zip a file you will need the 3 following things:

-A file to be zipped
-WinRar (its a free program)
-A computer

In the next step we'll go over how to get winrar

Step 1: Downloading and installing winrar

How to zip files

You can using the following link download WinRar:

After you open the link select save file.

After the file is fully downloaded run it to install WinRar.

Step 2: Zipping Files

How to zip files
How to zip files
How to zip files
How to zip files
How to zip files
To zip your files, follow these steps:

1. Highlight all your files.
2. Right Click and select "Add to archive"
3. Give the zip file a name and check the box next to "ZIP" under "Archive Format"
4. Select "OK" and winrar will give you a zip file with the contents of your highlighted files inside of it.

Step 3: Emailing your zip file

How to zip files

To send all of your files as one zipped file load up your email provider and attach your zip file as you would any other file and select send.

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