How to Test UV LEDs
Ultraviolet LEDs produce ultraviolet light which your eye can't see. This is how I tested to make sure that the UV LEDs I bought were working correctly.

Here's what you need:
  • Your UV LED
  • A DC Power supply or appropriate battery
  • Transitions glasses (Photochromatic Glass)
  • Step 1:

    How to Test UV LEDs
    How to Test UV LEDs
    How to Test UV LEDs
    Transitions lenses use a special photochromatic coating that responds to Ultraviolet radiation. The stronger the UV radiation the darker the lenses become. I have a pair of photochromatic glasses so I used them to test out my LEDs.
  • Just put your glasses in front of your LEDs.
  • Turn the LEDs on by plugging them in.
  • Wait a minute or 2 with the LEDs on. It's best not to look at them without eye protection.
  • See if the glasses change color.
  • That's it!

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