How to Set Up VoIP Connection?

So, youíve heard the benefits of VoIP and couldnít resist the temptation? Yes, VoIP costs far fewer and is way easier to set up and maintain.

If you are ready to setup your connection, here is what you need:


1. VoIP telephone set

2. Wire line

3. UPS (to make sure internet and telephone services keep running even in power failures.)

Before going to steps, here are some Recommendations:

1. Choose VoIP phone that plugs directly in router or a Wi-Fi enabled set for a connection that is independent of your PC.

2. Use a fast broadband connection

3. To use VoIP phone, you donít need to power on the PC.

4. If you donít hear the tone as mentioned in step 5 of setup, or if the service stops working, try unplugging and reconnecting the power cord. Allow the router and adapter to start up properly.

5. Virtual number, voicemail, caller ID and conference calling are some of the facilities provided by VoIP vendors. See to it that your vendor offers the services you need.

6. You can also extend your wire to make VoIP available across the home. Note that some vendors might not recommend this.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Make sure you have 911 services available.

2. You will lose VoIP services in case of power outage, but you can avoid it by using an uninterrupted power supply.

3. Failure to disconnect the inside wiring in order to connect the service with homeís telephone wiring may damage the adapter and this is why it is not recommended. Refer to your vendor for more info.

4. "Unlimited usage" is actually "high usage" so read the terms, conditions and limitations before signing up.

5. Also learn more about the billing, fee, pricing and other policies before you sign the metaphoric dotted line.

Step 1: You will need a VoIP Phone as an ordinary phone is incompatible, unless it says otherwise.

How to Set Up VoIP Connection?

Note: Usually, the setup is simple and straightforward, but some adapters need to be connected with modem and router/computer in contrast to others which must be connected directly with the router. Hook up your phone with the adapter using instructions in the booklet provided by Wholesale VoIP provider. Contact the vendor if no instructions are available.

Step 2: Connecting VoIP to Adapter

How to Set Up VoIP Connection?

Now, connect VoIP telephone to adapterís port via phone line.

Step 3: Switching Adapter

Turn on the adapter, plugging the cord in outlet.

Note: Keep it plugged to keep phone service running.

Step 4: Installing auto updates

The phone adapter will take a minute to start up. Once it does, bring it up to date by allowing it to install auto updates.

Note: Do not interrupt the download and installation of updates.

Step 5: Checking connection

After step 4, pick up the receiver and listen to a tone. If you do hear it, the installation was a success.


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