How to make glow stick goo.
Ever wonder how that two part solution works or if you can make your own? The answers are in here.

Step 1: You will need....

How to make glow stick goo.
How to make glow stick goo.
Chemicals Required:
Sodium Hydroxide (lye)You can use "Red Devil" drain cleaner or buy it on eBay.

Luminol, also available on eBay.

Hydrogen Peroxide (3% drugstore variety)

Sodium Ferrocyanide, also known as tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate or sodium hexacyanoferrate (II), is
(of course) also available on eBay.

Container to mix in. DO NOT USE METAL!!! They may react with the sodium hydroxide. Especially aluminium.
Generally this in non toxic, but that isn't an excuse for abuse!

Step 2: Solution A:

How to make glow stick goo.
1. Mix 5 grams of Sodium Hydroxide in 1000 ml of water.

2. When thoroughly mixed & dissolved, pour some of this solution in a small (50 ml) beaker and add 0.1 grams of Luminol. Luminol is difficult to dissolve so to help, tilt the small beaker to one side so the Luminol powder sinks to one side. With a glass rod or popsicle stick, keep smashing the Luminol powder until it all goes into solution.

3. When the Luminol is finally dissolved, pour the contents of the small beaker into the rest of the Sodium Hydroxide solution. This is your completed 'Solution A'.

Step 3: Solution B:

How to make glow stick goo.
1. Mix 10 ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (regular drug store variety) in 1000 ml of water. Add in 0.25 grams of Sodium Ferrocyanide until dissolved. This is your completed 'Solution B'.

Step 4: TA DA!

How to make glow stick goo.
Mix the two in a dark room and Give a general description of the Step it will begin to glow!OOOOOOOO! However, the aformentioned formula will glow blue in color. The camera I used is very old and it dosent replicate color very well in low light conditions.

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