How to generate electricity from living plants

Today I am going to show you how to generate sustainable and renewable energy from living plants

and it is safe for both plant and its enviorment

Step 1: Materials

How to generate electricity from living plants

multimeter or voltmeter

copper plate

zinc plate

living plant with leaves

Step 2: Copper and zinc plates

How to generate electricity from living plants

first take your copper plate and put it in the soil where the plant is planted next take your zinc plate and do the same thing again and make sure the plates do not touch each other

Step 3: Testing volts

first take your voltmeter in the lowest setting and put your voltmeters red lead to the copper plate and the black lead

to the zinc plate and it will show readings

Step 4: How it works

plants make food from the sunlight but the plant could not eat the whole so the plant eats its part of food and sends the waste food to the soil via roots when the food mixes with the soil a chemical reaction takes place and electrons

are created and we use the copper and zinc plate to collect the electrons and if your plant gets enough sunlight you will be able to light up a led

I hope you enjoy and vote for me in the make energy contest


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