Helping Hands Vise

Harbor Freight Articulated Vise Item #3311 ($17-$30)

Assorted Alligator Clips ($3)

Step 1: Disassemble Vise

Helping Hands Vise

Remove the Ball Joint Nut

Remove 4 Machine Screws from Vise Base

Step 2: Drill Holes in 1/8" Hardboard

Helping Hands Vise

Choose Hardboard Size Appropriate to your needs

Transfer 4 Machine Screw Holes and Center hole from Ball Joint

Drill 5 holes

Step 3: Assemble Vise around Hardboard Platform

Helping Hands Vise

Assemble 4 Machine Screws

Assemble Ball Joint and Tighten Nut

Step 4: Add Wooden Reinforcements for Attaching Alligator Clips

Helping Hands Vise

Add Wood Reinforcements

Solder Alligator Clips to 10 Gauge Wire

Drill 10 Gauge Holes in Reinforcements and Glue if Needed

I Used Double Alligator Clips to Add More Helping Hands


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