Helping Hands for Cheap
Us technicians working on the bench sometimes we needs a helping hand.
We gotta solder this and that or the other thing at the same time or it just won't work.

This helping hands tool is for all the poor hobby techs like me.

Step 1: The Find

Helping Hands for Cheap
At Goodwill (go figure) I found one of them suction cup phone holders that yuppies attach to the dash of their BMWs. Had an interesting ball joint. Bought it for a dollar.

By the time I got home I knew what my next project would be.

Step 2: Lose the Junk

Helping Hands for Cheap
Helping Hands for Cheap
Drive out the pin and remove the suction cup hardware. Save the parts for another project.
The tabs on the ball mount must be cut off and smoothed.

Step 3: Pieces

Helping Hands for Cheap
Helping Hands for Cheap
The alligator clips are whatever you might have in your box. The copper wire I used is 14g from a length of romex. The plate is copper clad PCB material.

Brass or tin would be better for the plate (probably .032) but I used what I had.

Match drill the ball mount and plate for #6x1/4in sheet metal screws.

Tin both ends of each wire, then bend a hard 90 onto one end for the alligator clip connection. Tin the board and solder it up like the picture shows.

Step 4: Parts

Helping Hands for Cheap
Helping Hands for Cheap
Helping Hands for Cheap
Drill mounting holes in the base and attach to a suitable piece of wood or ?. Allow enough length for a clamp.

Reassemble and check out the useful mobility of the assembly.

Yes, it IS flexible and compliant. Just like my women.
(In my dreams...Ahhhh).


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